Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You know, I really want to write a book called, "Peasant Fashion: beyond that ugly baggy blouse, a sack skirt, and some mismatched scarves." Let us not forget the styling, and go beyond yoga hair, eight coats of mascara, and some knock off of a bad 1970s Cover Girl lipstick.

I've been collecting books about loom-shaped clothing for about a year now. No, it's not clothes shaped like a loom :grin:. Basically, when you've spent such an enormous amount of effort on spinning and weaving a fabric, you really don't want to cut it up and waste a bunch. So loom shaped clothing uses a lot of squares with a few triangles thrown in for shaping. What's amazing is how incredibly PRACTICAL true peasant clothing is, and how wise it can be for a particular climate.

There's also a helluva lot more to peasant/primitive clothing than that damn blouse.

Naturally, that blouse looks fairly good on me, while most loom shaped clothing makes me look like a sack of potatoes! I've been sewing for myself since I was four, and ever since about age 20 I've found that the more curves, darts, shaping, and structure I can put into a garment, the better it looks on me. So, um, why the squared peasant clothes?

Mostly because I'm loathe to cut into homespun/handwoven, just as women have been for millennia. Also because I don't really give a fuck about looking hot anymore. Having men leer at you walking down the street isn't fun, and I don't have the body of a 20 year old. I am so into comfortable and practical garments made of awesome. I am not going to make and wear potato sacks, but damn straight I am going to make some awesome peasant clothing!

I might even weave some mismatched scarves to go with it, and wield the mascara wand with abandon ;)

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  1. this is an art area i can definitely learn more about. i've had knitters envy for eons!